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At Grassroots Nomad, we promote responsible tourism, ethical volunteering and green living. We use writing, videos and photos to encourage our readers that it only takes small changes in the way we travel and live to make a difference to the environment and communities. Take a journey with us as we offer helpful advice, honest reviews and products!

What can we offer you?

Grassroots Nomad is a rapidly growing travel blog and we are always looking for new companies, organisations and brands to work. If you share our values and passion for travel that is off-the-beaten track and helps local communities then we want to connect with you!

We offer professional and timely results and content that is evergreen and SEO optimised. This will allow you to expand your reach into a new demographic and audience.

At Grassroots Nomad, we are open to partnerships through:

  • Freelance writing. Laura has written for a variety of publications on eco-tourism topics. These publications include Eco Companion, Ecophiles, Travindy and The Wayward Post.
  • Video content. If you are looking to appeal to a broad, interactive audience, then consider adding videos to your marketing profile. Jimmy is available for freelance work as a video producer and editor, or we are able to add video content to our website and YouTube channel regarding your product or experience.
  • Events and press trips. Previously, we have worked with the Tourism Association of Thailand.
  • Sponsored content. Grassroots Nomad is open to sponsored posts, videos and links if they are on topics that share our values. Please contact us for current rates and requirements.
  • Reviews. Do you have a product, experience or tour that you would like reviewed? Grassroots Nomad provides a comprehensive review of your product or experience that is promoted to our readers. Recent examples include Trekking in Sapa with Sapa O’Chau, and Authentic Argentinian Cooking Classes with League of Kitchens.

Who are our readers?

Grassroots Nomad has a broad and ever-growing readership base. As at 16 July, our average data for the last 3 month period has been summarised below.

  • Readers from the USA (37%), Russia (13%), UK (9%), Canada (5%) and Australia (5%)
  • A large female readership – 68.6% female and 31.4% males
  • Readers aged 18-44 years of age – 18-24 (21%), 25-34 (43%), 35-44 (18%)
  • 2,200 unique visitors per month, increasing at a rate of 18% per month
  • 3,500 unique views per month, increasing at a rate of 19% per month
  • 21% returning visitors
  • Domain Authority – 27
  • Page Authority – 36
  • Moz score – 5

Download our Media Pack (current 30 June 2016), or contact us using the form below.