What I’ll miss most this Australia Day – Aussie bloggers tell all!

Australia Day

Australia Day. A day of sausage sizzles, ciders in the pool and chilling to the sounds of the Hottest 100. As a travel blogger, this has to be one of the hardest days to be away from home, so far from a decent sausage and the warm Aussie sunshine! I will be spending Australia Day in Xela, Guatemala feeding my host family ANZAC biscuits as I try to explain a few Aussie traditions in my very basic Spanish. But what will my other Aussie blogger friends be missing most?

Lisa from The Wandering Lens

Australia Day sunset

Lisa Michele Burns, The Wandering Lens

Waking up to a fresh fruit smoothie before a day of sunshine and surf. Australia Day for me has always ended in a tangle of mermaid hair, salty skin and a beach towel covered in sand that my dog has decided I lay down for her benefit. Don’t even get me started on how much I’ll miss the lamingtons, sausage sizzles and eating entire watermelons…

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Crystal from Castaway with Crystal

Australia Day Bondi

Crystal, Castaway with Crystal

Australia Day is my FAVOURITE day of the year and the only day that makes me homesick when I’m on the road. Every year I do something epic in the burning Aussie sun of Jan 26th. One year I floated on a giant blow up thong at the back of Bondi beach while a DJ played the Hottest 100 countdown. Another year my friend had an epic house party with a BBQ and tunes and we sung the #1 song far too loud in the alleyway at the back of his house. Having a day off and drinking with my favourite people is what I miss most when I’m abroad on Australia day.

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Ron and Michele from Legging It

Australia Day Rockingham Beach

Ron and Michele, Legging It

This is the second year we will be away from home for Australia Day. We live in Rockingham Western Australia and for us it is all about the beach. We start the day with a barbeque breakfast of Legge McMuffins on the beach with the family. We then go  an all day concert featuring local bands and multicultural groups performing ending with a fairly well known artist. This is a great community event  where everyone gets together and celebrates Australia’s special day.

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Simone from The Aussie Flashpacker

Australia Day

Simone, The Aussie Flashpacker

Being an Expat in the UK there’s a certain time of the year that I miss home more than normal and that is around Australia Day! By late January England is cold, wet and miserable and all I can think about is the hot weather, beaches and sunshine back home! This Australia Day the thing I will miss the most is my family & friends. I love spending Australia Day with them, covered in Aussie Flag tattoos and drinking ciders in the pool whilst the sausages sizzle away on the BBQ and the Hottest 100 plays in the background. My fellow Aussies back home – make the most of it, you don’t realise how lucky we truly are! 🙂
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Kenny from knycx


I miss the the Sydney Harbour – all the places around the harbour are magnificent and it takes days to see all of them. One of the most exciting memories of mine was the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. It was a wonderful day with clear sky, cool weather in September and perfect timing. The entire tour took around 3 hours and we chose the tour right before the sunset climb so we had the gorgeous harbour view going up, and the romantic sunset going down. The climb starts on the right side (Opera House side) of the bridge and returns to the starting point on the left side (Darling Harbour side). It might look scary, but in fact the arch of the bridge is quite wide and it was easy to walk for a lot of people. If you ever visit Sydney, this is definitely something not to miss!

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Are you away from Oz this Australia Day as well? Could the smell of a sausage sizzle be enough to tempt you home for a visit? What will you miss most this Australia Day?

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Australia Day

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Ahhhhh so much epic, I can’t wait for today! I’m, going to waterslides at Coogee and then a roof top house party in Balmain overlooking the bridge!

Grassroots Nomad

You sure know how to make someone jealous!! Have an incredible time, I’ve spent many an Australia Day in Balmain 🙂


Nice one! I’m working this Australia Day as per usual. Thanks for letting me and all the other shift workers live the traditional Aussie Day vicariously <3.


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