Travel predictions by astrological sign: Scarily accurate or just scary?

Today is my 28th birthday (hurrah or uuuuurgh depending on my mood) and according to AFAR Magazine, I have quite the year ahead of me! These travel predictions by astrological sign have me described pretty perfectly… but is this true for every star sign?

I asked some of my friends on Girls vs Globe whether the same was true for them and there were some interesting results – Sagittarius were the most responsive and felt the article was the most accurate. At first we didn’t think any Capricorn’s even travelled because that was the only sign not represented (except for ex-boyfriends who had become ex’s purely because they refused to travel). But eventually we found our lovely Capricorn traveller and the list was complete!

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Traits: Aries is a warrior. But there are different kinds of warriors, but they all have the same need to conquer fear and find their courage.

The trip: As an Aries, you need something that will assist in stimulating your courage. You love daredevil sports, being a pioneer, being a survivor. Aries is also a hot fire sign, so there needs to be some sort of movement in your trip; something like a long hike that’s nowhere near a civilization. However, you need to stay away from things that are reckless, things that are too dangerous. It’s important to know what you’re capable of.

Jess from Missadventure Travel

I was a skeptic of astrology for a long time, but I’ve recently become fond of it because it’s rare that I read a description of an Aries that I don’t resonate with. We’re bold, we’re adventurous, we’re stubborn and we’re hard to keep up with. I often do things just to prove to myself that I can. I moved to Thailand alone for a job I wasn’t sure existed, just to see if I was capable of traveling solo and living abroad. Now I do things like climb rocks and hike mountain peaks just to test my skills. But whether I’m training to be a whitewater raft guide in 34 degree (F) water (so cold!), or traveling to India on my own, the sense of accomplishment when I realize what I am capable of is unrivaled by anything else. So, Afar isn’t far off base when it suggests I should hang gliding in Rio or hiking one of Indonesia’s active volcanoes. While neither were on my list before (I’m actually planning a 30th birthday bash with friends in Turkey), I certainly wouldn’t be opposed.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Traits: Taurus is the sign of the bull. It’s not the charging or slaving bull; imagine the cow in the peaceful, rolling, green meadow. It is the animal spirit.

The trip: If any sign loves a day spa, it’s Taurus. You seek that soothing, relaxation time. Think lying in a hammock on the beach with a piña colada, in silence, stillness, and peace. You’ll take some motivation to actually get moving to that happy place, though, so you need to have plenty of time to unwind. Earthy and grounded, you also want to get your feet in the soil, so maybe a volunteer stint to WWOOF on an organic farm would be appropriate.

Miia from Worldliciouz

I’m a sucker for horoscopes, although they rarely hit on point – and that happened again, surprise surprise. I was born right on the verge of start signs changing, maybe that’s why I’m a mix of Taurus and Gemini; the mellow of Taurus in Gemini’s curiosity. Even though my travel plans are wide open for 2016, Afar’s Taurus choices really tempt me; Mayan health ritual and eco-friendly lodge in Thailand. But I don’t just want to chillax, I want to add some exploring to it, keep life exciting. That’s why I’d love to try the Old New York and French Polynesia from Gemini’s choices. As a mix, I’ve been dreaming of a trip to Costa Rica, to do some exploring and spend some relaxing time on the beach. My problem? I want to see it all!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Traits: Geminis have a childlike curiosity. They love the feeling of movement, discovery, and uncovering a fact.

The trip: As a Gemini, you need to experience something you’ve never seen before—something that stimulates your mind and has plenty of variety, an itinerary that doesn’t stay in one place too long and that provides a really good story for a when you get back. Geminis are very much story tellers. But above all, they want to get all this experience to keep life exciting. And because of this, they often live a long life.

Menorca from Europe Diaries

I do love exploring places, going through different experiences, finding out the history and facts related to places and then sharing all my stories and musings with everyone! Experiences and stories are important for me; not just my own but stories from everyone else too. As far as the travel predictions go, I would love to go back to London, as mentioned, but not necessarily use a tour bus for getting around! However, a few weeks ago, I started yearning to get back there and started pinning all London related ideason a new board! And another coincidence- earlier this year, I had blogged about the top 3 places on my wishlist, which featured Northern Lights , followed by French Polynesia..and guess what? My sunsign prediction apparently says that sailing around French Polynesia would be something I’d love!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Traits: Cancer rules the heart: our feelings, emotions, subconscious, and our family rootedness.

The trip: With Cancer, we’re looking at an archetype of someone who’s very associated with home. So, maybe a “staycation” is best for you! Another great option is a family vacation. However, some of you Cancers may have an Aries moon; you have to learn how to come out of your shell. If you travel to somewhere new, it’s got to resonate with the heart, like some place you’ve always wanted to go, or a place you feel connection to.

Sadie from the Eclectic Trekker

Normally I can say that my astrology readings are pretty spot on, but this particular reading was kinda far off. I have been traveling the globe for the past 9 months and don’t really plan on stopping any time soon. The reading said this next year that I would be looking more for staycations near my home rather than venturing out. When I left to travel, I gave up my home and most of my belongings, so I really don’t even have a place to staycation at. The reading also said that maybe I should gather up my family and go for a family vacation somewhere. Just reading that made me cringe. I LOVE my family, but thinking about loading everyone up finding a spot that we all agree on seems like one of my own personal nightmares, and I know if you were to ask my parents or sister, they would say the same.  Now to keep traveling!

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Traits: Leo is joyous, celebratory, playful, and abundant. It’s the sign of the sun, the king, and the performer. Leos want to present themselves to the world with a sense of regality and nobility, but can also love childlike celebrations.

The trip: To a Leo, life is a celebration—but now, it’s time to really have fun! Go on a luxury vacation if you can afford it, or do something that has flash or glamor. Spare no expense and celebrate. But do it from a place of honor and nobility and respect. Maybe go to see your ancient royal brothers, like the pharaohs in Egypt.  Alternatively, you can pick a vacation where you just simply play. Whatever you think is fun, do it! Those kind of fun experiences bring joy and meaning to life for Leo. Therefore, a camping trip can be just as meaningful as that expensive luxury vacation. But don’t take it too far—Leos have to be careful with their finances!

Sarah from Paper Ink and Passports 

Paper Ink and Passports
I’m not sure what everyone else thinks, but I wasn’t amused by this little bit about where I should travel according to my astrological sign.  It’s true that as a Leo I’m generally outgoing and fun, but I’d argue that I am more often fiery and independent.  I’m also more likely to tackle something outrageous like skydiving or an eight hour hike than I am to “visit the pharaohs in Egypt.”  Not that that doesn’t sound like an awesome trip, but to say that a Leo wants to “feel like a king… do it from a place of honour and nobility and respect” is actually really stupid.  My travel plans for the next year include adventuring around New Zealand, skydiving, and then heading across the Tasman Sea to Australia.  I work mostly on a budget and I write freelance to keep going.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Traits: Virgo wants to be more conservative and reel in excesses (unlike Leo). He or she is a perfectionist, the crafts person, the analyst, the disciple.

The trip: You may want to go enrich yourself on your vacation. After Leo’s fanfare and drama, Virgo wants to get back to simplicity. Check out the North House Folk School in Minnesota and take a class on how to build a yurt, or make a canoe, or carve a bowl. Something like that could be incredibly enriching to a Virgo. Sure, you’re going out, you’re having your vacation time, but you’re also working on yourself somehow. A yoga vacation is also a beautiful trip for a you. It’s also important that you don’t get too critical of yourself and shut down—everybody needs a vacation, Virgo! But combining off-time with practicality, functionally, and self-improvement is important.

Aileen from I am Aileen

I think the only ‘spot on’ prediction was that I’m a perfectionist. For sure I like to immerse myself in activities that can enrich me and give me additional life skills BUT when it comes to a vacation spree, you won’t see me constantly partaking in classes building yurts, carving bowls, making pots or whatnot. (But okay, maybe the yoga thing could be true.) Anyhow, truth be told, I’m not conservative at all! For some reason, the Leo sign fits me more perfectly *laughs* because even if I tend to do calculated things when it comes to travel planning, you’ll rather see me going more often on spontaneous trips and thrilling adventures. Next year, I’m planning to do sky diving as I go on a “no-plans” train trip around Europe, venture out into Asia to get a dose of Japan’s quirkiness and China’s off-the-beaten paths, and then probably a stop by Australia and New Zealand to do some outdoor activities.

Laura from Willful and Wild Hearted

While I’m warming up to the idea of horoscopes recently, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t always been a bit skeptical. However, as I am getting ready to pack my life up (again), I cannot help but think the stars are guiding me on my next adventure. My horoscope suggests that I’m after something that will bring me back to basics – which is funny, because after I leave high-tech Seoul, Korea I’m doing just that! I’ll be backpacking South East Asia for a few months before temporarily relocating to New Zealand for the next year as I want to be closer to nature and see what else the universe has in store for me. I love the suggestion of a yoga retreat or cooking class, as those are on my bucket list for the trip. I wonder what sort of beauty will transpire as I continue to follow my dreams.

Mary from Tiny Lady, Big World

Mary photo

Speaking of reeling in excesses, I’ll be starting to pay off my student loans this year. I’ve also moved back to Canada, so the days of free-wheelin’ £20 weekend getaways in Europe are no more. However, I’m committed to little trips to keep my sanity intact, and explore more of my own backyard — right here in Vancouver, and the rest of the Pacific Northwest. This means more hikes, more snowshoeing, and more wandering in forests! I’m finding new escapes by volunteering at a non-profit yoga school, and trying to find my zen while balancing a startup life! I do have one major trip planned so far: to Mexico City (3 days) and then on to Peru. I’ll be challenging myself by completing the 5-day Salkantay trail and getting real close to nature. Here’s to “practicality, functionality and self improvement”!

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Traits: Libra is the sign of relationships and balance.

The trip: You would love to have a wonderful time with a partner! Venus is the sign of the scales—you on one side, your partner on the other. Or, the two of you on one side, a situation on the other. Being ruled by Venus, you want something peaceful.  You love things that are lovely, things that provide you with a deep breath, like going on a garden tour. It’s a way of relaxing the mind and bringing it into balance—beauty brings harmony and balance to our senses. So, a big, raucous city like Manhattan might not provide that peace. That being said, maybe a very nice apartment or penthouse in a big city would work—a place to retreat to have solace while observing the chaos outside.

Taylor from Migrant Musings

As a journalist, I’ve never been one to believe in astrology. I much prefer cold hard facts. But the upcoming travel prediction for a Libra is too accurate to deny some shock on my part. I will be ringing in the New Year in an apartment located in a quiet section of Rome. My friend and I live on opposite sides of the world working stressful jobs; so this year we agreed to spend the holidays on a relaxing getaway. After working four long months in a war zone, my main goal is to relax my mind. “A place to retreat to have solace while observing the chaos outside,” resonated  most with me. If I wasn’t already excited to live a normal life with an old friend before, I most definitely am now! Sometimes, you just have to run with the signs and leave the facts behind.

Alexandra from Alxsworld

I can’t begin to tell you how insanely accurate this description is! For one, I was planning trips with someone I was dating, to odd places we were both really excited about, but then it all ended. And well, I just landed this week at our first destination, by myself… Stimulating conversations rule my life. I can barely fake any interest in boring people or convos. Unfortunately, this has pushed me to isolate myself more and more with experiences. I spent 3 weeks in Finland, mostly by myself in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. and before that, 5 weeks in a house in Tuscany. Having those deep breath moments are what keeps me going. I try to have them as often as possible but they tend to happen in quiet, relaxing locations, mostly by myself. It’s crazy how the post mentions Manhattan. I HATE MANHATTAN. So overwhelming, you feel like a number in a galaxy of ants. It’s awful. Surprisingly, my old place in SF was on an island overlooking the city. ‘a place to retreat to have solace while observing the chaos outside’. CHECK!

Lies from Non Stop Destination

I’m a Libra and I definitely always try to keep the balance, especially in relationships. Choosing my next destination is always based on where we both want to go. I do like peaceful holidays, but usually mixed with some adventurous experiences. I love conversations and strolling through museums, staying in nice apartments in big cities, but a trip to the jungle and staying in a treehouse sounds equally as appealing. My childhood dream was to become an archaeologist, so visiting ancient ruins and exploring mysteries are my favourite type of holiday. My upcoming travels in 2016 are not set in stone but will most likely include: exploring more of British Columbia (including visiting the Okanagan Valley wine region), a road trip to Alberta, a possible trip to Iceland, visiting family in Belgium and hopefully exploring a few countries in Central/South America.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Traits: This is the most intense sign. Scorpio likes to get to the bottom of things and discover a raw truth and meaning in life.

The trip: Scorpio’s ideal trip can be a very romantic—but not a politely romantic—getaway. It’s more of a trip to the jungle where you’ll sleep in a treehouse and make love with your partner for five days straight. While enjoying this romantic time, you’re not afraid of uncovering truths.  Scorpio is the archetype of the archeologist and detective. So, a trip where you could discover ancient ruins and ancient mysteries of the occult would be satisfying. Scorpio is a water sign, so anywhere near water would be great too. You’re not as daredevil as Aries, but you’ll still benefit from doing something we’ve always been afraid to do, like something that triggers an old fear.

Jade from Jade Maree’s World

A trip to discover ancient ruins and ancient mysteries of the occult or walking an ancient trail – umm YES! Mummies, temples, ruins – anything from the ancient world gets me excited. As a kid I used to love playing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and pretending I was an archaeologist and detective just like her. I already conquered the Inca Trail at the start of this year but Egypt has been on my list for years and Cambodia and Vietnam have quickly moved up. This year I went to Bali for a ten day yoga retreat to escape and rejuvenate. I have been researching healing holidays though and one that  particularly interests me is the Andean Triangle which would take me back to Peru – it takes you from Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu and right into the depths of the Amazon Jungle (where I could probably meet my lover at the end of it and knock off the fantasy of sleeping in a jungle tree house with him). There’s a real spiritual vibe in Peru and I felt so comfortable there and really want to go back.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Traits: Sagittarius is the gypsy, the student, and the philosopher. It’s a sign that wants to pack 2 or 3 or 4 different lives into this one.

The trip: You’re an adventurer, and will benefit from taking long journeys over water. However, it must be a vacation with purpose. Search for a trip into realms that excite you, like Gemini does, and seek out experiences that give life meaning and depth. This is a 40-day hike through Spain or hitchhiking across Indonesia. You’re up for the farthest-reaching adventure. If there were space tours, you would be the first to sign up! You want to experience all the wisdom, depth, richness of this life. Anything that gives you this feeling of breadth and expansion—and that you’re living a full, delicious life—gives you meaning. You need to pack in lots of trips. You love to use travel to bring a gift or a nugget of truth that’s useful to other people, too.

Me! Laura from Grassroots Nomad

Ahhh, the birthday girl herself. As a Sagittarius, they have me pretty well pegged – I am adventurous, spontaneous and constantly seeking to travel with a purpose and make a difference. After all, that is the whole point behind Grassroots Nomad. AFAR has accurately predicted that I will be going on a long journey over water.. but really anywhere is if you leave Australia. I love far away, hard to reach places – ones that require dedication to reach. In my 28th year, I will be learning Spanish, volunteering in Guatemala for 6 months, spending four months hopping around Central America before moving to Canada. What awaits me there? Who knows! That is part of the adventure!! It wouldn’t be fun if it was planned!! (or…. it might go horribly wrong. But even that is an adventure)

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Traits: Capricorns are practical and business-minded, but can also be hermetic.

The trip: If you’re a Capricorn who likes to travel, pursue international law or a company with 40 overseas locations and get your travel in that way. But if you’re traveling for pleasure, make double-sure that you can afford this trip, that it’s not superfluous, and that there is something that can be gained from the experience. You like quiet, still time in your trips—a reflection of that hermetic tendency. You’re also an earth sign, so it’ll hugely benefit you going places where there is exposed rock. Capricorn rules the bones, and rock is the bones of the earth. Go somewhere with are bluffs or monoliths poking out of the ground—like the Devil’s tower in Wyoming. Places where the rock itself has richness and life and beauty.

Bekki from The Wandering If

I hear that Capricorns don’t often travel (?!), astrologically it says we’re hermits, it’s possibly true. t’s funny, and don’t sign me off as crazy just yet, but I am drawn to rocks, to the earth, give me a mountain or a rocky outcrop to sit on and I’m filled with this overwhelming sense of contentment. It is also true my mind is always working, planning and thinking of the future, I’m constantly climbing mountains in my mind so why not in real life too?  The Annapurna circuit started off my travels earlier this year, pretty fitting for my astrological outlook wouldn’t you say? One of the worlds most beautiful mountain ranges and plenty of exposed rock to satisfy my little heart. Yoga and meditation are worked into my everyday life and so naturally also into my travel plans, as I write this I’m studying Yoga in Mysore, India, connecting with that reflective, hermetic side, providing me with essential downtime and I’m at least attempting to look inward. It seems to me my recommendations are pretty spot on and the future promises to allow me to thoroughly embrace my earth sign with trekking in Burma, Philippines and Malaysia, apparently I also have some more thinking to do but I must say I’m not sure I’ll ever be ‘still’.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Traits: An Aquarian wants to change everything. They’re the scientist, the revolutionary, the genius, the weirdo, the eccentric artist, the truth-sayer, the inventor. They’re here to question the rules when they seem too rigid or constricting.

The trip: Aquarians love things that are more unique and uncommon than anything else—something that’s off the wall and unconventional. You’re here to become more of who you know you really are over time. But that’s good! It’s that peculiarity that helps drive culture and tickles the periphery of social growth and change by doing things differently. You might want to be the first to do something, or go to that place where nobody else goes to, or some place that is weird, eccentric, off the wall, and funky. However, scientific Aquarians might want to see something like the Tesla museum, or places where things have been invented.

Stephanie from Steph Out & Abroad

Being a “scientific Aquarius”, a nurse by trade, quite rightly suggests that I couldn’t care less about what my horoscope tells me about my future. I was quite surprised how some of the things written in my “Travel Horoscope” were actually hitting the nail on the head! This year I left a good job and jetted off to Australia on a work and travel visa. Why? I fancied the idea of Melon picking in a place called Humpty Doo! In reality my circumstances changed a fair bit and although I do know who I am I’d like to rediscover that or as it says in the article “You’re here to become more of who you know you really are over time”. A year should do, although I am not giving up on my scientific side yet and try to nurse on for a little longer. When traveling, I love discovering places that are a little less known and some of those that I have seen so far are now up and coming travel destinations. My ultimate trip at the moment would be traveling the north coast of Africa into the Middle East taking in places such as Jordan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and finish it all off in Palestine and Israel.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Traits: Pisces is the dreamer, the artist, the visionary, the poet, the mystic. Some are more romantic or spiritual than others. Some Pisces just don’t know who they are yet becoming.

The trip: Whenever we sit by the ocean and feel the sheer breadth of it, and a connection with the mystery of all that exists, we’ve entered the realm of Pisces. So, you’d love anywhere there’s water or a broad, expansive view. Somewhere like Glacier National Park where there’s plenty of mountains, but you can see for miles—somewhere you can dissolve yourself in the interconnectedness of all things. So places like the deep woods, the ocean, mountains, or the desert work well for you. This feeling of vastness stimulates the poetic and mystical side of Pisces. But, there’s also the romantic side. To have that epic experience with another person can be romantic and spiritual. But the best thing you can do? Go to a place where you can ditch your phone and other media. Sometimes, we have to disconnect with everything to feel connected to everything.

Madi from The Restless Worker

I’m a Pisces; artistic, dreamer, mystic and a romantic. It’s funny because I’ve never really been one for beaches, I prefer the mountains and trees too much but this year something has been gravitating me towards the ocean. I’m planning to hopefully do either Iceland or Peru next year. The post tells me places with deep woods, the ocean and mountains work well for me (Iceland), while also telling me to take in the view at Machu Picchu (Peru). Either way I think I’m likely to follow what the stars are telling me this year and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Thanks ladies for your contributions!

What do you think? Are these predictions accurate for you??



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Tegan Flanagan

Loved this post! I found it strange that you struggled to find Capricorn travellers. Perhaps we just travel in different ways to the other signs. I am a Capricorn who absolutely loves travelling but I am also very career driven. I tend to take a big trip (six weeks) every two years. This gives me time to save up my money and leave.
I like to cram as much as I can into these big trips but I also have to have a couple of hours to myself each day for some peace and quite and travel journalling. I also like to stay in each place for at least 2 or 3 nights.
I am definitely very earthy. I love nature, the outdoors and unique plants, animals and landscapes. Give me the wilderness over a city any time. In between my big trips I do hiking (up to 7 days in one stint i my longest so far) and now that I look back on my hiking trips, they have all been on and around a lot of rock! I also enjoy volunteering with sea turtle monitoring & research and this has taken me to the beautiful Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth, Western Australia; Bundaberg, Queensland, the land of sweet, sweet rum and drop bears; and in a couple of weeks, Heron Island in the southern Great Barrier Reef! – Does coral count as rock/bones?

Grassroots Nomad

Wow that all sounds incredible Tegan! I can’t imagine hiking for 7 days – where did you do that? It’s so funny how accurate these predictions are for some people. It seems like Capricorns have links with nature and probably like to travel a bit slower than other star signs. Thanks so much for sharing your story!!


It’s so fun to read about all the signs and how people identify with them! I think it really goes to show how complicated astrology is, and how the generic readings can be way off for people who are on the cusp of another sign. Thanks so much for including me!

Grassroots Nomad

I know! I never really believed in them but every prediction I’ve ever read about Sagittarius travel plans is always accurate for me. Spooky. Thanks for taking part!

Grassroots Nomad

I can’t believe how accurate it is for everyone!! Hopefully we can meet up in Guatemala 🙂


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