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One of the best ways to achieve your travel blogging resolutions for the new year is by attending travel blogging conferences. There are scores of different conferences held around the world each year, but some are better than others, particularly for different stages in your blogging career. These are some of the best travel blogging conferences for 2016 that are guaranteed to connect you with travel experts, other bloggers, industry professionals and inspiring individuals. They also teach you new skills to improve your business…. plus they usually have parties!

For travel blogging conferences in 2017, read my updated article!


MATKA Nordic Travel Fair. Helsinki, Finland.
21-24 January

MATKA Nordic Travel Fair

MATKA is the largest travel event in Northern Europe with over 1,000 trade professionals from 80 different countries attending the conference annually. The conference is a great way to get inspiration for your next trip and meet industry experts that you may be able to connect with professionally.

Each year they attract hundreds of professional travel bloggers who are interested in learning more about Helsinki and Finland. In 2015, they selected 40 travel bloggers, writing in 13 different languages, to attend the Fair. This included a focus on participation from Asian bloggers. The selected bloggers also participated in FAM trips around Finland to explore the incredible nature and unique culture of the country.

Make sure you visit their website to find out more about the exhibitors in attendance this year as well as the event schedule. You can also purchase advance tickets for only 15 euros.

Interested? Mari from All the Million Pieces wrote an article about her time at MATKA 2014 where she met incredible Finnish travel bloggers and learnt more about how to use Instagram to promote her brand!


ITB. Berlin, Germany
9-13 March

ITB Berlin

ITB Berlin emphasises experience and experts, bringing together country, city and regional tourism representatives, tour operators, online booking operators, hotels, and travel service providers from over 180 countries. This conference provides attendees with the opportunity to interact with international professionals while learning about the latest travel trends and establishing global contacts.

Travel bloggers are able to attend press conferences, background talks, product presentations, keynotes, interviews, speed dating sessions and discussions with travel experts. Plus there is a party held by Travel Massive!

Tickets are already on sale for the 2016 event, starting at 12 euros. Make sure you visit their website for more information and to purchase your ticket.

Interested? Victoria from The British Berliner has been attending this event for the last few years and has developed a comprehensive guide for first time and veteran attendees alike!

Women in Travel Summit. Irvine, USA
18-20 March

Women in Travel Summit

The Women in Travel Summit hosted by Wanderful is the first and only travel blogging summit by women, for women. They aim to provide female travellers with the tools, connections and resources required to improve their travel blogs while also connecting travel companies with bloggers who may help enhance their online presence.

The Summit is a way for professional women and entrepreneurs in the travel industry to share their experiences through hands-on workshops and networking opportunities to empower and encourage women to develop their skills. A few of the speakers this year include Evita Robinson from Nomadness Travel Tribe, Sherry Ott from Ottsworld and Erin Bender from Travel with Bender!

Register now for advance tickets and perhaps I will see you there!

Interested? Ana from The City Sidewalks, and Katelyn from Diaries of a Wandering Lobster have both written about their experiences at the 2015 Summit in Boston. Learn what it is like attending a conference as a newbie!


Traverse. Cardiff, Wales
8-10 April

Travel blogging conferences

Traverse is the biggest weekend travel blogging conference in the UK. The conference includes a range of events, lectures and workshops as well as a big party!

Tickets are already selling out, so get yours today!


TBEX North America. Bloomington, USA
29-31 May


TBEX North America is one of the best known, and largest, travel blogging conferences in the world. It brings together travel bloggers, international travel journalists, vloggers, travel brands and industry professionals to share ideas and knowledge.

TBEX holds seminars, workshops, speed networking sessions, keynotes and discussions on a wide range of topics including social media, SEO, responsible tourism, and monetising your blog. But best of all are the pre/post-TBEX tours and opening and closing parties!

Register now to save your spot!

Interested? For new attendees Justin and Lauren from Justin+Lauren, and Victoria and Katja from Globetotting, TBEX North America was a great way to meet travel bloggers and industry professionals. The content of the lectures, however, may be geared more towards newer bloggers, so if you are a well established blogger, make sure you read about Jeremy’s experience on his site Living the Dream RTW.


TBC Asia. Colombo, Sri Lanka
7 June

TBC Asia

TBC Asia is the result of a collaboration between Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Sri Lankan airlines and the Professional Travel Bloggers Association.

One of the highlights of the conference this year will be the first ever Cinnamon Travel Blogger Awards which recognises the style, adaptability and interest in travel of influential bloggers around the world. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Jules and Christine from Don’t forget to Move who have been shortlisted for an award!!

Register your interest to attend the event as well as the pre-Conference tour.

Interested? Jeremy from Living the Dream RTW attended the conference in 2014 and highlighted its benefits, particularly for a more experienced blogger, as the topics were quite advanced.


TBEX Europe. Stockholm, Sweden
14-16 July


As in North America, TBEX Europe is a place for travel bloggers to learn, network and hone their skills to take their travel blogs to the next level.

Details about speakers and workshops for 2016 are not yet available, so make sure you keep an eye on their website for more information as it becomes available.

Interested? I met a lot of bloggers at TBEX Asia who had been to TBEX Costa Brava and they certainly had some stories to tell! Jane from Scarlet Jones Travel talks about her experiences at the conference and Lance from Travel Addicts talks about attending as a seasoned blogger.


Adventure Travel World Summit. Anchorage, USA
19-22 September

Travel Blogging Conferences - Adventure travel world summit

Attending the Adventure Travel World Summit is an adventure in itself. This year it will be held in Alaska, which is home to 3 million lakes, 300,000 glaciers, mountain ranges, over 100 native languages, and millions of acres of protected parkland.

The Summit includes panel discussions, lectures and keynote addresses which teach participants how to turn their adventures into a successful, inpiring and sustainable business. Networking sessions allow writers, bloggers and photographers to connect with local and international tour operators and accommodation providers. Pre-Summit tours will be held all over Alaska so bloggers can get out there and explore their surroundings.

Register now to reserve your spot!

Interested? Dave and Deb from theplanetD attended in 2012 where they spoke about the theme Prosper with Purpose.


TBEX Asia. Manilla, Philippines
13-16 October


Details have not been released yet for the TBEX Asia conference in the Philippines, but if their 2015 conference is anything to go by, then it isn’t one to be missed!

TBEX Asia 2015 was my first travel blogging conference and, as I had only been blogging for 3 months, I had a lot to learn! Since attending the conference, I have improved my writing, SEO, actually have set up a Pinterest account, and have further increased my presence on Instagram. Best of all, was the connections that I made with other travel bloggers, particularly vlogger Mari Johnson, Jess from Missadventure Travel, Natasha from Artist Explores the World, and Jane from Scarlet Jones Travel.

While I haven’t written about my experiences, you can read/watch their experiences on the links above!

Outdoor Blogger Summit with SHIFT. Jackson Hole, USA
13-15 October

Outdoor Blogger Summit

The Outdoor Blogger Summit is held annually in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

At the Summit, bloggers will learn how to drive traffic, monetise their blog, leveraging your social clout, as well as improving sustainable access to public lands and waters.

Registration is open now!

Interested? Watch this video which wraps up the 2015 event perfectly!


World Travel Market. London, England
7-9 November

WTM London

The World Travel Market (WTM) is held annually in London where it brings together international businesses within the travel industry. The event is a great opportunity for global travel businesses to meet and network while discussing the latest travel trends and opinions.

WTM Bloggers are able to attended the conference and participate in speed networking sessions with key exhibitors. Bloggers also have access to WTM press releases, photography, diary of events and the Press Centre.

You can register your interest now for the next WTM.

Interested? Jess from Love and London, has prepared an incredibly comprehensive guide for first timers attending the conference. A must read before attending!!

TBC Travel Blogging Conferences

Other conferences with no confirmed date for 2016 include:

  • The Hive – Dublin, Ireland. Spring 2016
  • Blogstock – London, England. In 2015, this event was held in early September
  • Social Travel Summit – In 2015, this event was held in Hamburg, Germany on 20-22 April.

Looking for other bloggers who are attending any of these conferences? Why not share this article on your social media and see who else is interested!

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Dan / That Asian Traveler

Laura this list is SO helpful! Wouldn’t have known some of those events if it wasn’t for this. We reaaally should have met you at TBEX last October – buuut you know we’re most likely gonna run into each other on one of these events this year anyway, haha! 😀

Grassroots Nomad

Thanks Dan! I know, I can’t believe we missed each other!! Unfortunately I’m in Central America at the moment and there aren’t any conferences here so I’m going to try to get to at least one in North America. Do you think you will be able to make any of them this year? 🙂

Grassroots Nomad

Thanks!! I am hoping to be able to make it there this year – you have so many incredible guests speaking and I would hate to miss it!

Grassroots Nomad

Thanks Erin! I’m looking forward to hearing you speak at WIT Summit 🙂

Grassroots Nomad

No problem Katja – hopefully we can meet up at one of them over the next year!


I’ll be somewhere in Asia that time, so if not ITB Asia than maybe TBEX in Philippines! 🙂 And hopefully ITB Berlin, but I don’t know yet 🙂

Grassroots Nomad

I would love to go to TBEX Philippines!! You will have a wonderful time 🙂


Hi Shari! Thank you so much for featuring me. It’s an honour! This is a wonderful list for 2016 and I’m already booked for at least 2 conferences in my region already as it’s a great way to learn some new blogging skills and meet everyone since we’re usually all travelling lol! ‘Hope to see you at the ITB in Berlin perhaps! 🙂 🙂

Grassroots Nomad

Thanks Victoria! It’s exciting that you have already booked in for two – which ones? I’m in Central America at the moment which cuts out virtually all the conferences – the closest one is WIT Summit in March so I think I will go to that. Happy Conferencing!


I’ll be going to ITB in Berlin of course (haw!haw!) and TBEX in Sweden. I would love to go to TBEX in the Philippines but baring a miracle, I will not be going to Asia this year until 2017. Sigh! I’ve heard good things about WIT but being in the US, it’s out of my region so don’t forget to write a post about it! 🙂

p.s. Could you delete the other reply pls as it was with the wrong person lol! Thx


Thank you so much for the list! I would add Traverse 16, a UK blogger conference, which is happening in Cardiff this year (8-10th of April 2016). I attended the 2015 edition, it was my first blogger event and I absolutely loved it! Same organisers than Blogstock.

Grassroots Nomad

Hi Florine, I’m so glad you found it useful! Someone else actually mentioned Traverse to me yesterday so I will definitely add it in – it sounds great! Are you going again this year?

Grassroots Nomad

Yay! I’m glad it was helpful. Let me know how it was (and send me a link to a blog post) so I can include it in my round up of conferences in 2017!

Heather Raulerson

I’m really glad to find this list. As I’m new to blogging any help from these conferences would be fantastic. I’m starting out by going to Women’sTravelFest this month and maybe one of the other ones you listed later in the year. Thank you!

Grassroots Nomad

Hi Heather, so glad it was helpful! I went to TBEX Asia in October only 2 months after starting my blog and I learned so much. I wish I could go to another one this year but sadly I’m too far away 🙁


Super helpful list. I am heading to the NY TravFest this weekend in NYC – it’s my first travel blogging conference! Would love to do TBEX sometime though – this year looks unlikely. Do you have a favorite?

Grassroots Nomad

I’ve only made it to TBEX Asia but I loved it and would like to visit more in the future. Let me know how this weekend goes and make sure you send me a link if you write about it so I can include it in my 2017 list 😉


Really useful. I have been looking at this just recently and think I will go to WTM in London, and maybe Blogstock. Have you ever been to the latter? I would love to know more from someone who has been.

Grassroots Nomad

I haven’t been and couldn’t find any examples online. Let me know if you go, I would love to hear how it goes!

Patricia Steffy (@PLSteffy)

I had no idea there were so many opportunities! I’ve only done one travel show, but it was destination focused, not writer focused. I’d love to try one. Completely bummed out that I missed the Women in Travel one in Irvine (it’s only an hour from here), but now that it is on my radar, I’ll keep a look out for next year.

Grassroots Nomad

Oh no, so annoying that you missed it! Hopefully you will be able to visit a different one this year – are there any other conferences close to you?


What a great round up!! I was toying with going to Traverse, but heading to Lille with my mom instead. Hopefully I’ll make another one! *fingers crossed*

HDYTI (@dipyourtoesin)

Hey Laura this is an EXCELLENT list! Wish we’d seen this in January. We would have planned some trips around these events. Nevertheless, its great to have this information in one place! We’ll be attending the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai between 25th and 27th April. We’ll tweet about it. Thanks again for sharing this very important resource

Grassroots Nomad

I can’t wait to hear about the Arabian Travel Market – If you blog about it, please send me the link because I will include it in my 2017 round up 🙂

Kevin Wagar

Thanks for the great list, I haven’t hit a traveller conference yet, but once I see one that doesn’t conflict with a trip, I’ll jump on board.

Cartier Marie

Hey, I was just wondering if you know of any traveller conferences based in Australia? Or have any idea of how I could find out if any are running and if so when they are? Cheers 🙂

Grassroots Nomad

Believe me, I’m looking!!! Problogger seems to have some events but they aren’t really conferences, more workshops. I am keeping my eyes peeled for next year though!


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