Green Chef: Organic Food Boxes in NYC

You might think that living in the heart of NYC would make it difficult to find organic food from sustainable American farmers. Luckily for you, Green Chef has partnered with organic farmers to deliver hand-crafted recipes and seasonal, fresh produce direct to your doorstep! On my last visit to NYC, I decided to give Green Chef a try… and I’m so glad I did! Green Chef is also giving all my NY-based Nomads four meals FREE in their first order – woooohoooo!

What is Green Chef?

Green Chef organic food lime sole gazpacho

Green Chef is a food delivery service with a difference. They have partnered with farmers, fisherman, artisans and ranchers to source the best organic and sustainably-sourced products available. These high-quality products are then transformed into easy to prepare recipes but their Executive Chef, before they are printed, packaged and delivered to your home.

By ordering a Green Chef delivery box, you are ensuring that you receive certified-organic food that is free from synthetic pesticides, GMO, artificial ingredients, growth hormones and antibiotics. It doesn’t matter whether you are a vegan, carnivore or omnivore, there are recipe selections that will suit every dietary requirement. In addition to being delicious, they are also healthy, with each meal containing between 450 and 750 calories per serving.

Where does Green Chef source its organic food from?

If you would like to learn more about where the ingredients on your plate came from, just head to the Green Chef website to check out their list of suppliers. They work with trusted, sustainable farmers and producers who respect the environment, their employees, and the treatment of animals.

For example, Green Chef mushrooms are sourced from Hazel Dell Mushrooms in Colorado. This farm has been operating since 1980, growing shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, Portobello, button and cinnamon cap mushrooms in accordance with organic USDA national standards. They have short crop cycles and keep their harvest rooms spotless to ensure that pesticides are never even required!

What about the Green Chef Packaging and Delivery?

Green Chef organic food bruchetta pasta

When I first received my Green Chef box I immediately saw a difference in their environmental practices. Unlike other food delivery services which pack their food in a big Styrofoam cooler (at least this is what they do in Australia), Green Chef uses all environmentally friendly packaging.

First, you open the cardboard box and notice what looks like a sheet of compost. Well, that is basically what it is. There is a jute lining which is made from 100% recycled material from burlap bags – picture the sacks used for coffee or cocoa beans. After I had unpacked our box, I was able to compost this on the garden!

There are ice packs to keep everything nice and cool so it doesn’t matter if your food is delivered while you are out at work. The ice packs can be reused, or the non-toxic gel can be drained and the packaging recycled.

The food itself comes in recyclable paper bags, plastic bags, paper boxes or little jars. We reused the bags if they weren’t too dirty and the ones we didn’t use we recycled. I particularly loved the little jars and commandeered some when repacking my electronics and toiletries!

What can you cook?

Green Chef organic food portobello po boy

I can’t say enough good things about the recipe packs that we received. In fact, I liked our first box so much that I ordered another one so I could try out a few more recipes before I left NYC. My favourite thing about them is that it was all things that I wouldn’t normally cook. I love cooking but I easily get stuck in a bit of a rut and end up cooking the same few dishes over and over again. These recipes inspired me to get creative and to try ingredients that I previously thought I didn’t like.

Previously, I would have skipped right past some of these recipes in the cookbook after looking at some of the ingredients and thinking that I didn’t like them. Capers – yuck! But, I decided to follow all of the recipes and I was amazed by the results. Everything I ate was delicious and has made me reconsider my taste buds!

The recipes change each week to ensure that you get the best quality, seasonal produce. If there is a week of recipes that you don’t really fancy then you can easily skip that week and get the next box instead. But, I encourage you to try everything – you might find that you like things that you didn’t realise you did!

Are the recipes hard to follow?

Not at all! They are really easy and there are pictures for each step so you can see whether you are doing it properly. But the best thing about these sorts of things is that you are on your own in the kitchen – you can make little changes here and there based on your preferences.

My sister even helped with a few of the dishes and she found them incredibly easy… and she once set a saucepan of pasta on fire!

Our verdict?

Green chef organic food smoky zucchini corn cakes

If you are in NYC then you have to give Green Chef a try. The food is delicious, fresh and easy to make and you will always be eating something exciting that you haven’t tried before.

My sister and I found the portions to be big enough for another meal, but that would probably not be the case if I was sharing with Jimmy instead! Even if you are on your own, I would recommend getting the meal pack for two people. I guarantee that once you taste the food you will be glad that there are leftovers for you to take to work for lunch the next day.

I loved the organic food that we cooked. It was fun, delicious and I loved plating up dishes that are so bright and colourful.

Get four meals FREE!

If you are based in New York then ordering your own Green Chef organic food box could not be easier. Green Chef is kindly giving all my Nomads four free meals in their first order!! Simply click on this link and this offer will be applied to your account.

Get organic food delivered to your front door with boxes from Green Chef. Get four meals free at


Thank you to Green Chef for providing me with a complementary box for a trial and for offering this discount for Grassroots Nomad readers. 

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Always wanted to try this! Seems like it was some good, but and wasn’t hard to make. Thanks for sharing!

Grassroots Nomad

Thanks Eric – you should give it a go! The meals were so easy to make and delicious as well 🙂


We have something similar in my country called green box,( just not that fancy:) and am using it all the time. Its great to get delivery of organic food to your doorstep.

Svet Dimitrov

The food looks scrumptious and it is very hand to receive your food at your house. Do they charge for that? And are they reasonably priced?

Grassroots Nomad

Hey Svet. They are reasonably priced and the price includes delivery of the box, the ingredients and the recipe cards. The price varies based on how many meals you would like each week as well as if you would like vegetarian meals, meat, or a mixture of both – there is something for everyone!


Oh wow they look yummy! I’ve always wanted to try these home delivery meals. So far the only one Ive heard of is Blue Apron so thanks for introducing me to Green Chef!

Live Learn Venture (@LiveLearnVentur)

Wow — I wish I was in NYC to give the free meals a try. This sounds like such a great idea. Living in Korea right now (and not in Seoul), it’s a struggle to eat really healthy as well as organic. I’m excited to get back to the US soon! 🙂

Suma Jain

Wow, this is such an innovative and healthy option!! It’s good to know they buy the supplies directly from the farmers, not only the produce is fresh but also farmers get to profit in a direct way with this approach. The food looks so delicious, really wish I was in NYC right now to enjoy Green Chef :).


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