How To Go Green In The Office

We all want to be more eco-friendly, but sometimes forget that we can make some changes at work. Christy shares her tips for how to go green in the office – Thanks Christy!

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Every office can help protect the environment by going green, and many of them are doing exactly that. Some of them are doing it purely because they want to help the environment, but many more are doing it because it offers a variety of extra benefits. There are plenty of different ways to go green in the office, and it’s worth investigating all of them to find the ones that are right for your workplace.

1. The Benefits of a Green Office

Many offices choose to go green for the economic benefits. The best ways to protect the environment involve conserving resources and reducing waste, which usually leads to significant savings. Other offices do it because it can improve morale among the workers. These companies realize that happy workers are productive workers, and they’re eager to improve their workplace environments and their bottom lines at the same time.

2. Clean Carefully

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A dirty building can contribute to illness among the people who work in it, while office cleanliness can contribute to happiness and productivity. However, harsh cleaning chemicals can pollute the air and contribute to sick building syndrome, which causes workers to suffer and lose time to illness. Office cleaning services can avoid both of these problems by using gentle, green cleaning products instead of conventional options. These green alternatives cut down on air pollution while offering all of the benefits of a clean office, which gives the workers the best of both worlds.

3. Grow Plants

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Going green is normally a metaphorical term, but there are times when it should be taken literally. People are generally happier when they are surrounded by greenery, so scattering a few potted plants around the office is a good way to improve employee morale.

Plants can also offer more concrete benefits. Plants can help to purify the air and are so useful in that role that NASA has been investigating the benefits. Poor air quality is a significant cause of poor health in the developed world, so plants can make the workplace a much healthier place for everyone!

4. Go Paperless

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The average offices goes through a lot of paper, and many trees need to be cut down every year to supply that demand. That hurts the environment because trees filter carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and provide protection against soil erosion. Fortunately, modern technology means that most of that paper is unnecessary.

Most offices can reduce their dependency on paper by digitizing their records and communicating through email. Not only does this save money and protect the environment by saving paper, it also cuts down on clutter. It’s easier to organize a hard drive than a filing cabinet, and that organization can save valuable time for employees.

5. Work From Home

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Fossil fuels are a major threat to the environment. While a few cars do use alternative fuel sources, most of them depend on those fossil fuels for power. That means that every worker who commutes to the office is contributing to air pollution and global warming.

Commuting is unnecessary for most modern office workers. A person can perform most digital tasks anywhere with an Internet connection and they can stay in touch with their coworkers through email and voice chat. In addition to the environmental benefits, allowing employees to work from home will help them to save money on their commute. It can also reduce a company’s need for office space as well as their heating and cooling bills. Most businesses will need to have occasional personnel meetings, so some commuting is inevitable, but any reduction can make a big difference!

6. Conserve Power

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Electricity use is one of the most famous threats to the environment, and it will stay that way until green energy becomes more common. In the meantime, offices can help solve the problem by reducing their energy usage.

Simply making sure that all computers are set to hibernate if they are unused for a few minutes can make a difference when an office is using dozens of them. Unplugging electronics when they aren’t in use can also help with the problem, as can reminding everyone to turn off the lights when they leave a room. None of these things will solve the problem on their own, but maintaining a variety of good habits will save a lot of energy. Saving energy means saving money, so this trick is just as good for the office’s finances as it is for nature.

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