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Volunteering in the Amazon – Animal rescue

volunteering in the Amazon

Guest post by Amanda! Who is Amanda? Amanda is a completing a Masters degree in Sustainable Development and is completing a thesis about red uakaris in Peruvian Amazon. When she finishes, she would like to work as a communicative link between nature – and the unheard voices of nature, animals and children – and public,… Read more »

Can Technology Make You A More Eco-Friendly Traveler?

eco-friendly technology responsible tourism

Thanks Jess for this guest post! Who is Jess? Jess Signet is a blogger who writes about technology, traveling and technology needed when traveling. Having visited places all over the globe, traveling is both her love and addiction. She does not want to be cured. You can follow Jess on her website, Tripelio, Facebook, Instagram and… Read more »

Volunteering in South Africa – Baboon Rehabilitation

Volunteering Guest Post-Baboon Rehabilitation in South Africa

Thanks Sam for this Guest post! Who is Sam? Meet Sam from Yoko Meshi. She loved her time volunteering in South Africa at C.A.R.E in baboon rehabilitation and was kind enough to share her story. She is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse living in London with a keen interest in exotic and wild animals. In her spare time,… Read more »

Stolen passport, how to cope: Guest Post

stolen lost passport mongolia what to do if you lose your passport

I’m a bit of a travel snob. I’m the person that secretly (but loudly) judges you when you do a travel tour. What’s that you purchased six Lonely Planet books on special? Bless. What? You haven’t had surprise meat prepared on a random island off of New Caledonia? That’s cute. All hail Sue the Queen of #authentic travel!… Read more »