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Homestays: An Authentic Experience Abroad

Homestays are a wonderful way to experience a new culture and even become part of a community while you are travelling. Most countries around the world offer homestay experiences either through websites, local language schools, or cultural exchange programs. Or even informal homestays through friends of friends! My experience: Homestay in Guatemala When I first… Read more »

5 Recipes for hostel kitchens

Hostel kitchens are not normally known for their excellent kitchens, filled with pots and pans, cheese graters and can openers (there are exceptions). Generally, the ones I’ve been in only have one or two pans, a blunt knife and a few plates. So how are you meant to cook something delicious, with limited resources, and… Read more »

17 of the cutest animal photos this World Wildlife Day!

cute animal photos world wildlife day

The United Nations General Assembly has named 3 March as World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. To celebrate, here are 17 of the cutest animal photos that you will see today! This year, the focus of World Wildlife Day is on the plight of African and Asian… Read more »

Collaboration: It feels like home when….

it feels like home expat in cambodia expat in england expat in scotland expat in australia expart in argentina expat in philippines expat in japan

Many expats or travellers find themselves spending months or even years in a new city. But at what point does this new place start to feel like home? When you find that perfect coffee shop? When you have a local bank account and a lease? Or when you have made long-lasting friends? Roxana, a Sydney based… Read more »

Travel predictions by astrological sign: Scarily accurate or just scary?

travel predictions astrology star signs

Today is my 28th birthday (hurrah or uuuuurgh depending on my mood) and according to AFAR Magazine, I have quite the year ahead of me! These travel predictions by astrological sign have me described pretty perfectly… but is this true for every star sign? I asked some of my friends on Girls vs Globe whether the same was… Read more »