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7 Camping Tips for Beginners from a Pro!

camping tips for beginners

Camping is one of the most enjoyable activities to do during the summer, but you’ll also need to make sure that you’re prepared for the worst. Things may go awry if you don’t plan, especially if you’re a beginner. But not to worry, because there are 7 camping tips for beginners that you can easily… Read more »

Travel Blogging Conferences 2017

Travel Blogging Conferences 2017

If you were lucky enough to attend some Travel Blogging Conferences in 2016, or alternatively you are kicking yourself because you missed out, then luckily I have compiled this list of the best travel blogging conferences in 2017 to keep you connected, motivated and travelling! January Matka Nordic Travel Fair. Helsinki, Finland (19-22 January) Promising… Read more »

How To Go Green In The Office


We all want to be more eco-friendly, but sometimes forget that we can make some changes at work. Christy shares her tips for how to go green in the office – Thanks Christy! Every office can help protect the environment by going green, and many of them are doing exactly that. Some of them are… Read more »

7 Best Destinations in India for Spiritual Travel


Rohit shares his insider tips on the best destinations in India for spiritual travel. Reading his guest post has made me start planning a trip to India! A big thank you to Rohit! No other place in the world offers as much grace of a spiritual experience as India. It is the root of major… Read more »

Volunteering in Chiang Mai – Tips from a Local


In this guest post, Riya shares her tips and experiences for volunteering in Chiang Mai. Whether you are skilled in conservation, construction or working with stray animals, there is something for everyone in this city. Thanks Riya for this guest post about volunteering in Chiang Mai! As a woman with a concern for the world,… Read more »

Should you pay to volunteer?


THANKS ANNA FOR THIS GUEST POST! WHO IS ANNA? Anna volunteered for 6 months with Humana People to People in rural Belize. While there, she pondered the pros and cons of foreign aid in developing countries. Her experience inspired an open-license book about the ways poverty affects the lives of people in developing countries (including… Read more »

Take A Green Trip: 10 Things To Avoid As An Eco-Traveller


It’s hard being an eco-traveller—so many lavish vacations, too many excellent meals, and lots of overseas purchases to make mean that being eco-friendly can go right out the door, right? Wrong. Being an eco-traveller is surprisingly easy if you’re willing to be a little conscious about your spending and your choices while abroad. True, sometimes it… Read more »

Homestays: An Authentic Experience Abroad

Homestays are a wonderful way to experience a new culture and even become part of a community while you are travelling. Most countries around the world offer homestay experiences either through websites, local language schools, or cultural exchange programs. Or even informal homestays through friends of friends! My experience: Homestay in Guatemala When I first… Read more »

Volunteering in Kenya – sustainable building

Thanks Erika for this guest post on volunteering in Kenya! Who is Erika? Erika has studied architecture and civil engineering, and her studies have focused on sustainable building. She has always loved traveling, and during her studies, she discovered how inspiring and rewarding traveling and volunteering can be from a professional point of view. She… Read more »

Volunteering WITH the community, not FOR it!

volunteering with the community not for it wwwgrassrootsnomadcom

Community development projects are increasingly popular among volunteering experiences all over the world. The concept, while broad, encompasses helping out a specific community, usually a village, neighbourhood or social group. And although “development” is the subject of work here, I would advise future volunteers to put more impact on the “community” part of the phrase…. Read more »