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Should you pay to volunteer?


THANKS ANNA FOR THIS GUEST POST! WHO IS ANNA? Anna volunteered for 6 months with Humana People to People in rural Belize. While there, she pondered the pros and cons of foreign aid in developing countries. Her experience inspired an open-license book about the ways poverty affects the lives of people in developing countries (including… Read more »

Volunteering WITH the community, not FOR it!

volunteering with the community not for it wwwgrassrootsnomadcom

Community development projects are increasingly popular among volunteering experiences all over the world. The concept, while broad, encompasses helping out a specific community, usually a village, neighbourhood or social group. And although “development” is the subject of work here, I would advise future volunteers to put more impact on the “community” part of the phrase…. Read more »

How to find responsible volunteer work

how to find responsible volunteer work volunteer overseas how to find free volunteering

Since starting Grassroots Nomad, the number one question that I have been asked is ‘How do I find responsible volunteer work overseas?’ Unfortunately the answer isn’t a simple one as it requires a lot of dedication and hard work – before you even start to volunteer. But, if you aren’t committed to working hard to find… Read more »

Human trafficking: The hidden victims of supply and demand

human trafficking volunteering slavery

Human trafficking is a crime which effects virtually every country around the world, not just developing countries. While efforts to protect victims and prosecute traffickers are improving internationally, millions of people continue to live in slavery and progress to protect victims and prosecute offenders has been relatively slow. What is human trafficking? Human trafficking is… Read more »