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Hiking in the Blue Mountains – Beyond the Three Sisters

hiking in the blue mountains

Like most people who visit the Blue Mountains I rarely made it past the Three Sisters lookout in Katoomba. In fact, despite visiting the area at least 5 or 6 times, I had never actually gone further than this lookout point. That is until I discovered the incredible hikes led by Tread Lightly Eco Tours,… Read more »

4 reasons why travellers should love eco-hostels

eco hostels hostels in america, hostels in sydney, hostels in south africa, hostels in belgium

When researching hostels, there are a few common things that we all look for – location, price, availability and atmosphere. Should we start adding ‘eco-friendly’ to our list? I know what you are thinking – eco-hostels have to be really expensive, vegan, and without TV’s or WiFi. Well, think again. Here are 4 reasons why travellers should… Read more »

17 of the cutest animal photos this World Wildlife Day!

cute animal photos world wildlife day

The United Nations General Assembly has named 3 March as World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. To celebrate, here are 17 of the cutest animal photos that you will see today! This year, the focus of World Wildlife Day is on the plight of African and Asian… Read more »

Can Technology Make You A More Eco-Friendly Traveler?

eco-friendly technology responsible tourism

  Thanks Jess for this guest post! Who is Jess? Jess Signet is a blogger who writes about technology, traveling and technology needed when traveling. Having visited places all over the globe, traveling is both her love and addiction. She does not want to be cured. You can follow Jess on her website, Tripelio, Facebook, Instagram… Read more »

Collaboration: It feels like home when….

it feels like home expat in cambodia expat in england expat in scotland expat in australia expart in argentina expat in philippines expat in japan

Many expats or travellers find themselves spending months or even years in a new city. But at what point does this new place start to feel like home? When you find that perfect coffee shop? When you have a local bank account and a lease? Or when you have made long-lasting friends? Roxana, a Sydney based… Read more »

Charities to love this Valentines Day

charities to love

It’s February and love is in the air. While you are in a loved up mood, why not share the love with charities this Valentines Day. Studies show that giving to someone else actually makes us happier than spending money on ourselves. It is also good for your health and promotes social cooperation and connection…. Read more »

Are organic farms the next big thing in tourism?

Organic Farming agrifarming WWOOF thailand greece india

With over 1 billion people travelling internationally each year, responsible tourism has become more and more important for both travellers and tourism providers. You have heard of eco-hotels, animal protection and fair trade standards, but what about agritourism? Could organic farms be the next big thing in responsible tourism? What is agritourism? Agritourism is the joining of tourism… Read more »

Travel predictions by astrological sign: Scarily accurate or just scary?

travel predictions astrology star signs

Today is my 28th birthday (hurrah or uuuuurgh depending on my mood) and according to AFAR Magazine, I have quite the year ahead of me! These travel predictions by astrological sign have me described pretty perfectly… but is this true for every star sign? I asked some of my friends on Girls vs Globe whether the same was… Read more »