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League of Kitchens: Authentic Argentinian Cooking Lessons


One of my favourite things about travelling is eating. Heck, I even have ‘eating pants’! Over the last few years, I have learned that there is so much more to cooking than just filling your belly – food is an insight into a culture, community, and family that reflects generations’ of history and passion. The… Read more »

Take A Green Trip: 10 Things To Avoid As An Eco-Traveller


It’s hard being an eco-traveller—so many lavish vacations, too many excellent meals, and lots of overseas purchases to make mean that being eco-friendly can go right out the door, right? Wrong. Being an eco-traveller is surprisingly easy if you’re willing to be a little conscious about your spending and your choices while abroad. True, sometimes it… Read more »

Hotel Uxlabil: An Eco-hotel in Guatemala City


I spent five months in Guatemala City volunteering with La Alianza and researching eco-tourism to share with you, my lovely readers! The main thing I learned was that not too many people seem to care about eco-tourism in Guatemala City…except for one little oasis – Hotel Uxlabil. So if you are thinking about where to… Read more »

Homestays: An Authentic Experience Abroad

Homestays are a wonderful way to experience a new culture and even become part of a community while you are travelling. Most countries around the world offer homestay experiences either through websites, local language schools, or cultural exchange programs. Or even informal homestays through friends of friends! My experience: Homestay in Guatemala When I first… Read more »

FareStart: The most inspiring restaurant in Seattle

The absolute highlight of my trip to Seattle (apart from getting engaged), was my lunch at FareStart. I spend a lot of my time researching socially responsible organisations and when I discovered FareStart, I knew I had to visit. What is so special about FareStart? Well… everything really! Their food is delicious – their staff… Read more »

What to pack for the Trans-Siberian

There are so many packing lists out there and I have to say that before I left on my own adventure, I probably studied at least 100 of them. In the end, I didn’t create a list of what to pack for the Trans-Siberian on its own (I was travelling long term so I took… Read more »

5 Recipes for hostel kitchens

Hostel kitchens are not normally known for their excellent kitchens, filled with pots and pans, cheese graters and can openers (there are exceptions). Generally, the ones I’ve been in only have one or two pans, a blunt knife and a few plates. So how are you meant to cook something delicious, with limited resources, and… Read more »

8 ways to have a positive impact while travelling

positive impact responsible tourism, eco-tourism

Guest post by Claire from Traveltio! Who is Claire? Claire is a self-confessed travel nut. She has been travelling around the world since her Mum farewelled her in a teary goodbye, and she hasn’t looked back since! You can read all about her adventures through 48 cities in 26 countries on 4 continents on her… Read more »

Visas for Russia and China: Booking the Trans-Siberian

visas for Russia visa for china visa for mongolia

Organising your visas for Russia and China has to be one of the most daunting tasks in booking your railway adventure. I know that I had scores of questions running through my head – Do I need a letter of invitation for my Russian visa? What if I’m staying at an Airbnb? Are the visa… Read more »

Cooking classes in Hanoi – KOTO

cooking classes in hanoi vietnamese food

One of the best ways to experience a new city is through your stomach and what better way to do this than by learning how to cook local dishes for yourself. There are lots of cooking classes in Hanoi, but there is one that stands apart from the rest. I recently took a cooking class… Read more »