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7 Camping Tips for Beginners from a Pro!

camping tips for beginners

Camping is one of the most enjoyable activities to do during the summer, but you’ll also need to make sure that you’re prepared for the worst. Things may go awry if you don’t plan, especially if you’re a beginner. But not to worry, because there are 7 camping tips for beginners that you can easily… Read more »

Trekking in Sapa with Sapa O’Chau

trekking in sapa with

Most people who come to Sapa are here to join a trek and maybe even a homestay for a night or two. But how do you pick a trek from one of the hundreds that are available? Not to mention the very convincing ladies that meet buses as they arrive in town. Well, why not… Read more »

How To Go Green In The Office


We all want to be more eco-friendly, but sometimes forget that we can make some changes at work. Christy shares her tips for how to go green in the office – Thanks Christy! Every office can help protect the environment by going green, and many of them are doing exactly that. Some of them are… Read more »

7 Best Destinations in India for Spiritual Travel


Rohit shares his insider tips on the best destinations in India for spiritual travel. Reading his guest post has made me start planning a trip to India! A big thank you to Rohit! No other place in the world offers as much grace of a spiritual experience as India. It is the root of major… Read more »

Ethical Gift Guide: Top gift ideas for travellers


  Travel lovers are hard people to shop for. They don’t take much with them and are rarely in one place long enough to require presents that need a stable home (like kittens or a fancy piece of artwork). Here is my ethical gift guide for unique gift ideas that are good for the wallet, for the… Read more »

How to see Bears in Romania


The brown bear is one of the largest carnivores in the world, roaming the forests across much of Eastern and Northern Europe, North America, and parts of Asia. While they aren’t on the endangered list, spotting one in the wild can be a rare and exciting event! If you want to learn how to see… Read more »

A Day of Caring: Volunteering in New York City with New York Cares

volunteering in new York city with new York cares wwwgrassrootsnomadcom

Most people would be forgiven for assuming that volunteering while travelling means a relatively long-term time commitment, or that you need to pay to volunteer. Well, think again! I spent a day volunteering in New York City, for a few hours at a time with four different organisations. How? New York Cares has partnered with… Read more »

Green Chef: Organic Food Boxes in NYC


You might think that living in the heart of NYC would make it difficult to find organic food from sustainable American farmers. Luckily for you, Green Chef has partnered with organic farmers to deliver hand-crafted recipes and seasonal, fresh produce direct to your doorstep! On my last visit to NYC, I decided to give Green Chef… Read more »

Eco-Fashion in NYC: A Shopping Guide


New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world where designers are leading the way in innovative designs and eco-fashion. What is eco-fashion, or sustainable fashion? Eco-fashion uses recycled or sustainable fabric and materials to create their designs and emphasises ethical labor practices. There are a number of eco-fashion brands in NYC that… Read more »

5 Eco-Friendly Restaurants in NYC


Eco-friendly restaurants are becoming more and more popular around the world as people start to look for produce that is organic, locally produced and sustainable. Restaurants and cafes are responding to this demand and creating sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives that promote healthy eating. NYC is one of the cities leading the charge. There are so many… Read more »