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Stolen passport, how to cope: Guest Post

stolen lost passport mongolia what to do if you lose your passport

I’m a bit of a travel snob. I’m the person that secretly (but loudly) judges you when you do a travel tour. What’s that you purchased six Lonely Planet books on special? Bless. What? You haven’t had surprise meat prepared on a random island off of New Caledonia? That’s cute. All hail Sue the Queen of #authentic travel!… Read more »

Lake Baikal Photo Series

lake baikal russia trans-siberian

One of my favourite stops on the Trans-Mongolian was at Irkusk, one of the largest cities in Siberia and the best place to access Lake Baikal. The lake is stunning and the enormity of the largest freshwater lake in the world can’t really be described, especially in winter – instead, here is my Lake Baikal… Read more »

5 unusual things to do in St Petersburg

When you visit St Petersburg there are the standard must-see tourist attractions – the Church of the Saviour on Blood, the Hermitage Museum, and Winter Palace. But what are the most unusual things to do in St Petersburg? This was the first city on my big Trans-Mongolian adventure which took almost a month as I… Read more »

Szeged in a day

Szeged, a stopover

Szeged is the perfect city for a stopover when you have been travelling around Europe on rickety old buses. It’s a great place to stop, relax and smell the paprika (which coincidently was created in Szeged). We were lucky enough to experience this while attempting to get to Romania. They don’t make it easy for… Read more »

London street art – Shoreditch

street art- shoreditch

Thanks in large part to Banksy, street art has boomed in popularity in recent years. For tourists flocking to Brick Lane in Shoreditch, London in search for a curry, their journey on the tourist trail will inadvertently show them a creative side to London that bursts with colour.   Shoreditch is an international community with restaurants… Read more »

48 hours in Budapest

48 hours in budapest

48 hours in a city like Budapest will not feel like nearly enough time. It is a city rich in history that is full of trendy bars and cafe’s nestled amongst narrow alleys decorated with vibrant street art. But, 48 hours is better than 0 hours! So here is a guide to help you make… Read more »

Belgrade Street Art – Savamala

Street art is commonplace within Belgrade with murals and stencils decorating walls, hallways, passage ways and school yards. While it is scattered throughout the city, a large concentration of street art can be found in the Savamala district – an area that has been transformed from a harbourside slum filled with dilapidated warehouses into a… Read more »