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Trekking in Sapa with Sapa O’Chau

trekking in sapa with

Most people who come to Sapa are here to join a trek and maybe even a homestay for a night or two. But how do you pick a trek from one of the hundreds that are available? Not to mention the very convincing ladies that meet buses as they arrive in town. Well, why not… Read more »

7 Best Destinations in India for Spiritual Travel


Rohit shares his insider tips on the best destinations in India for spiritual travel. Reading his guest post has made me start planning a trip to India! A big thank you to Rohit! No other place in the world offers as much grace of a spiritual experience as India. It is the root of major… Read more »

Volunteering in Chiang Mai – Tips from a Local


In this guest post, Riya shares her tips and experiences for volunteering in Chiang Mai. Whether you are skilled in conservation, construction or working with stray animals, there is something for everyone in this city. Thanks Riya for this guest post about volunteering in Chiang Mai! As a woman with a concern for the world,… Read more »

Homestays: An Authentic Experience Abroad

Homestays are a wonderful way to experience a new culture and even become part of a community while you are travelling. Most countries around the world offer homestay experiences either through websites, local language schools, or cultural exchange programs. Or even informal homestays through friends of friends! My experience: Homestay in Guatemala When I first… Read more »

What to pack for the Trans-Siberian

There are so many packing lists out there and I have to say that before I left on my own adventure, I probably studied at least 100 of them. In the end, I didn’t create a list of what to pack for the Trans-Siberian on its own (I was travelling long term so I took… Read more »

Visas for Russia and China: Booking the Trans-Siberian

visas for Russia visa for china visa for mongolia

Organising your visas for Russia and China has to be one of the most daunting tasks in booking your railway adventure. I know that I had scores of questions running through my head – Do I need a letter of invitation for my Russian visa? What if I’m staying at an Airbnb? Are the visa… Read more »

Cooking classes in Hanoi – KOTO

cooking classes in hanoi vietnamese food

One of the best ways to experience a new city is through your stomach and what better way to do this than by learning how to cook local dishes for yourself. There are lots of cooking classes in Hanoi, but there is one that stands apart from the rest. I recently took a cooking class… Read more »

Collaboration: It feels like home when….

it feels like home expat in cambodia expat in england expat in scotland expat in australia expart in argentina expat in philippines expat in japan

Many expats or travellers find themselves spending months or even years in a new city. But at what point does this new place start to feel like home? When you find that perfect coffee shop? When you have a local bank account and a lease? Or when you have made long-lasting friends? Roxana, a Sydney based… Read more »

Charities to love this Valentines Day

charities to love

It’s February and love is in the air. While you are in a loved up mood, why not share the love with charities this Valentines Day. Studies show that giving to someone else actually makes us happier than spending money on ourselves. It is also good for your health and promotes social cooperation and connection…. Read more »

Are organic farms the next big thing in tourism?

Organic Farming agrifarming WWOOF thailand greece india

With over 1 billion people travelling internationally each year, responsible tourism has become more and more important for both travellers and tourism providers. You have heard of eco-hotels, animal protection and fair trade standards, but what about agritourism? Could organic farms be the next big thing in responsible tourism? What is agritourism? Agritourism is the joining of tourism… Read more »