Who is Grassroots Nomad?

Welcome to Grassroots Nomad

Are you interested in eco-tourism or learning more about ethical volunteering? Do you want to live a greener life when you aren’t travelling? Then Grassroots Nomad is the place for you! Here, you will findĀ helpful tips and advice including real life volunteer experiences from our readers. We do the research so you don’t have to!

At Grassroots Nomad, we believe that everyone is able to travel a little bit more responsibly, no matter their budget, destination or comfort levels! Whether you are planning a luxury trip through Europe, backpacking through Asia, or trying to learn a language in Central America, we have some added inspiration for your journey.

After 18 months of travelling, we are putting down our bags (for a while) in Canada – but the adventures won’t stop there! We will be learning more about green living, DIY and all things Canada and will be blogging about it on the way.

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So who are we, you ask?

We are two regular people with a passion for animals, nature and human rights who have been opening our eyes to responsible tourism and volunteering. If we can do it then you can too! Between us, we have been to 54 countries and sailed across 4 oceans and 10 seas.

Laura has degrees in International Development, International Law and International Relations and has a particular passion for counter-trafficking work. After seeing the sights of Russia and Mongolia on the Trans-Mongolian railway, she spent 6 months volunteering with La Alianza in Guatemala City, an organisation which provides shelter and support to girls and adolescents who are victims of trafficking or sexual violence.

If Laura is a land-based mammal, then Jimmy is the sea-faring one of us. After serving in the Australian Navy, he decided that he hadn’t quite seen enough of the world yet and set off in a yacht to circumnavigate the globe. Eleven months and 40,000 nautical miles later, he completed this challenge and is finally back on dry land…for now!

Watch our video to learn more about our story!