5 Eco-Friendly Restaurants in NYC

Eco-friendly restaurants are becoming more and more popular around the world as people start to look for produce that is organic, locally produced and sustainable. Restaurants and cafes are responding to this demand and creating sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives that promote healthy eating. NYC is one of the cities leading the charge. There are so many eco-friendly restaurants in NYC that use organic produce, source their foods from local farmers or work with the community, that it is actually hard to pick which one to visit first!


403 East 12th Street at 1st Ave, East Village

Hearth Eco-Friendly Restaurants NYC

Photo from Hearth website


What’s so special about Hearth?: Hearth guests will enjoy Italian meals prepared with fresh, seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients. They have a detailed mission statement which clearly outlines their passion for wholesome and environmentally sustainable foods. This includes sourcing sustainable fish ideally from US fisheries (no tuna or swordfish here!), natural sweeteners such as honey and dates, milling their own flour and polenta, and working with local family farms.

Bell, Book & Candle

141 West 10th St, West Village

Bell Book and Candle Eco-Friendly Restaurants in NYC

Photo: Bell, Book & Candle website


What is so special about Bell, Book & Candle?: Their rooftop! Not many restaurants can boast an aeroponic roof-top tower garden that produces vegetables and herbs for the restaurant below. The food is seasonal and revolves around local, sustainable and organic produce that is ethically produced. The rooftop garden also guides their menu, with everything from eggplants to fennel, to spearmint reaching your table only a short time after it is picked from their garden.

The Marshal

628 Tenth Avenue, Hells Kitchen

The Marshal Eco-Friendly Restaurants in NYC

Photo: The Marshal website


What is so special about The Marshal?: These guys not only source their food and alcohol from local farmers, vineyards and distilleries, they also are sustainable in the way that they cook. Instead of using gas or electricity, all of the food at The Marshal is cooked using replanted apple and cherry wood from local orchards. By shopping local, they reduce their carbon footprint from shipping while also supporting the nearby community.

Foragers Table

300 West 22nd Street, Chelsea

Foragers Table Eco-Friendly Restaurants in NYC

Photo: Foragers Table website


What is so special about Foragers Table?: Foragers Table takes ‘Farm-to-Table’ literally. They have a farm in upstate New York which supplies their restaurant as well as local farmers markets where you able to buy produce to cook in your own home. Every single product that they sell has been sourced from farmers and producers that they have a relationship with. This ensures the highest quality products as well as support for the local community.

Black Tree

131 Orchard St, East Village and 261 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

Black Tree Eco-Friendly Restaurants NYC

Photo: Black Tree website


What is so special about Black Tree?: At Black Tree, the menu is shaped each week by a single protein. Whether it is pork, duck or sustainable fish, every dish on the menu that week will be centred on that protein with the sides all chosen based on seasonable availability. As much as possible, the vegetables, meats, alcohols, grains and dairy products are all sourced from small farms within 300 miles of the restaurant.


Which of these eco-friendly restaurants in NYC would you visit? Comment below with your eco-friendly restaurant tips!

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