17 of the cutest animal photos this World Wildlife Day!

The United Nations General Assembly has named 3 March as World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. To celebrate, here are 17 of the cutest animal photos that you will see today!

cutest animal photos

This year, the focus of World Wildlife Day is on the plight of African and Asian elephants. I was lucky enough to see hundreds of elephants on my trip through Chobe National Park in Botswana, and Seregheti National Park in Tanzania. With faces as cute as this, how could you consider killing them for ivory, or enslaving them to a life working in the tourist industry!

cutest animal photos

Kevin and Christina from Wandering Wagers

While exploring Manuel Antonio Park in Costa Rica back in 2007 we came across a family of Capuchin monkeys snacking on berries along the hiking path. I pulled out my camera to capture some shots and this guy gave me the “look”. I still crack when I look through my shots and remember being stared down by a 1 foot tall primate.

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cute animal photo

Photo by Ben Finch

Ben from Born to Wander

A green sea turtle takes a rest in a turtle sanctuary in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka. The sanctuary protects and hatches turtles before allowing them to scurry down the beach into the ocean. But some will never be released from the sanctuary because they are sick, and others have been rescued after being injured by fishermen’s nets.

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Natasha from Artist Explores the World

It was a cold and windy day but I wasn’t going to miss the chance to see these energetic foxes enjoying the snow. Amid playing this beautiful fox stopped to watch me and beg for treats. Photographing these creatures in the snow was an amazing experience and completely worth freezing my fingers off!

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cutest animal photos

Jess from MissAdventure Travel

This pronghorn was standing amidst the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, making eye contact with my dog in the car. They stared at each other long enough for me to get a few shots, and then he gave up and scampered into the brush! I was also lucky enough to see a black bear and an elk in Grand Teton National Park, which remains one of my favorite places in the U.S.

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cutest animal photos

Monica from Bewildered in Morocco

I spotted these cuties during my trip to Dakhla. It was somewhere on the road leading from Morocco to Mauritania. There was a herd of about 300 wild camels chilling out in the sun. The guy who was taking care of them warned me to approach them carefully and not come too close because they may get scared and attack me. I approached them and took some photos. This little baby camel stole my heart!

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cutest animal photos

Shari from I Picture the World

The Blue-Footed Booby is specifically known for it’s bright blue feet which are they main attraction in their mating ritual where the males stomp their feet to impress the females. Although I didn’t get to experience their mating dance, it was hard to miss their electric blue feet shining off the black lava stones in the Galapagos Islands. If you can tear your eyes away from their unusual feet, their eyes are equally unique.

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cutest animal photos

Annika from Midnight Blue Elephant

I spotted this Red Leaf Monkey just outside the Gomantong caves on Borneo. As the caves are filled with bats and roaches, I much preferred to stay outside and hang with this little dude (not that he really cared!). He is endemic to Borneo gets is named after his staple diet, leaves, and, of course, from his fur color.

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cutest animal photos

Leonie from Lo On The Go

I love sharks, weird I know and not a common choice. Sharks have such a bad reputation and are quite miss understood. I first got up close and personal with Great White Shark doing a cage dive in Australia. What surprised me to most was how calming and tranquil these creatures were. They shows no aggression towards us or even the bait. They just so beautiful swam about their own business.

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cutest animal photos

Taya from My Trip Hack

I love Dogs, because love & devotion of this animal have no borders. Nevertheless, there are many dogs left without home comfort and family to care. If you ever see a homeless dog on the streets, make it happier by sharing some food at least. Love and nice attitude is the biggest desire of any living soul on the planet. This makes us somehow more human.

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cutest animal photos

Sharmistha from That Girl’s Life Stories

A native of Australia, often called the koala “bear”, this cuddly animal is not a bear at all; rather it is a marsupial, or pouched mammal. During the day they doze, tucked into forks or nooks in the trees, sleeping for up to 18 hours.So you can imagine how excited I was to see it awake and come so close to it in a wildlife park in Sydney! When not asleep, the koala feeds on eucalyptus leaves, especially at night.

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cutest animal photos

Shandos from Travelnuity

I love to take photos underwater when I’m snorkelling or diving. I took this photo on a whale shark trip at Ningaloo Reef along the west coast of Australia, one of the few places that you can reliably see them. However, this shot was taken when we stopped for a dive at a manta ray “cleaning station” (where they go to get cleaned by small fish). This manta ray just glided straight through our group!

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cutest animal photos

Brock and Tanj from Brock and Tanj from A travelogue by Brock and Tanj

This was taken at Skadarlija in Belgrade, Serbia. When we saw the cat sitting down, Tanj can’t help but to pull out her camera. Some animals are aloof at getting their photos taken. For some reason, the cat cooperated with the mini photo shoot! And there he was, looking right at the lens. The timing and the light was right.

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cutest animal photos

Tracey from Journal of a City Girl

On a safari through Etosha National Park, Namibia our range stopped and pointed to a tree a few feet away, I saw nothing, he said there was a leopard hiding on the branch. At first all you saw was the flicking of a tail. To the untrained eye anyone would have driven on without noticing, but patiently we watched and waited, the leopard finally emerged allowed for us a quick glance then leapt down into the thick of the bush.

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  cutest animal photos

Carol from Wayfaring Views

The Huemul is an endangered species of deer whose geographic range is limited to a small sliver of the Andes. There are only about 1,500 remaining, so imagine my delight when I spotted a Huemul while hiking the Fitzroy Range in Argentina. It was unconcerned about our presence and. I later wondered if it wasn’t their passivity around humans that contributed to their population decline. Regardless, it was a privilege to encounter them.

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cutest animal photos

Cydney from Woman with Wanderlust

This is a cheeky little baby ape (not a monkey, monkeys have tails) in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This little guy was hanging out in a tree near the top of Ouzoud Falls. While he seemed content hanging out in the trees hiding from the rain, his family members were a little more of an issue. They tend to steal water bottles, snacks and the occasional cell phone from hikers’ backpacks.

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cutest animal photos

Inês from Atlas Enchanted

Nothing beats the feeling of being in the right place at the right time – especially when you’re on a self-driven safari at Kruger Park. It was noon and I had already been lucky enough to meet some awesome giraffes, the odd rhino and a pack of buffaloes. But this moment left me speechless: watching a family of elephants trail back home after their river bath.

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Thanks, but there was a mix up – this is actually a Bornean Red Leaf Monkey. Mind you, he was so cute, I wanted to take him home!!

Grassroots Nomad

Thanks Annika, I’ve fixed up the text – thanks for being involved! 🙂

Grassroots Nomad

Haha, surely there are some people out there who aren’t as terrified of sharks as me!! I love those photos too 🙂


Love all photos! The one with a tortoise, the one with gruoy monkey and herd of elephants are my favs! Thanks for featuring Bewilderedinmorocco????

Grassroots Nomad

Thanks so much for your input Monika! So glad you like how it came together 🙂


Hahaha I love all of these photos! (: This is such a unique blog post that most people would never think about. Definitely started my day with a chuckle, especially after seeing those camels (;

Grassroots Nomad

Haha, those camels are hilarious – they just look so pretty but ridiculous at the same time!

Grassroots Nomad

Thanks so much, I’m so lucky to have worked with so many great photographers and bloggers 🙂


These are adorable! I love animals, I always look op the closest zoo, reserve or anything regarding animals when I’m on a trip!

Grassroots Nomad

I always plan my trip around seeing animals in the wild as well! 🙂


Great idea for Wildlife day! 🙂 All of them extremely cuteeeeee! I totally fell in love with koalas in Australia… I could be hours looking at them and thinking “arrgg…. how cute they’re are… look at them, sleeping in the tree in such a weird posture… they’re gonna fall…” Lovely wildlife that we should protect and keep alive! 🙂


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